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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-6-20

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02:13 You’ve mentioned in an earlier Q&A that Trenbolone could be taken orally, with about 30% bioavailability. Does the ester mater in this case and could you give an example of where and how would you use this?

03:32 How will estrogen behave, if one were to start a cycle with D-Bol + Mast/Primo and then, after 4-6 weeks, switch to an equivalent dose of testosterone + the other compounds?

05:03 When using Arimidex at 0.5mg EOD, I end up with sore knee joints and feel headachy/flu-like symptoms. Any advice?

06:16 During an aggressive cutting phase, which steroids help retain muscle mass the best?

06:48 Do you know what would cause nose bleeds while on cycle? I do not have any blood cell count issues or hypertension.

08:50 Can one stack Sermoralin on top of Primobolan, or would it be better used after the Primo cycle?

11:04 If hemoglobin, hematocrit, and RBC are all slightly high but platelets and ferritin are in mid-range, would you still recommend a blood donation?

13:26 Have you seen a minimum effective dose of Trenbolone for the purpose of thyroid suppression?

14:00 I got diagnosed with lactic acid strains in knees and forearms, due to large amounts of supersets and low rest periods. Do you have any recommendations to help it heal/prevent future injury?

15:30 Do you recommend a replacement dose of T3 for a day loss phase from duration say 20 weeks and just leave it set at 25mcg per day?

16:08 Generally, for how long could someone run Dianabol at 175-200mg a week without getting their liver fried?

18:00 How much more or less muscle would you build on 1g of Test vs. 1g of Primo?

20:02 Could N-acetylcysteine in high doses reduce hypertrophy?

21:12 Is there any way to counteract the negative mental side effects of the 19-nor family?

21:45 How to use injectable B vitamins for performance gains?

22:24 What are some of your favorite spices, sweeteners and condiments you like to use to make bland/healthy foods taste better?

23:44 Which steroids have you found to be the most synergistic?

25:15 Would Spironolactone help with acne on a high Masteron + Test blast?

25:53 Dosing protocol questions for Sermoralin.

26:55 Nolvadex for a 60kg female pre bodybuilding competition. Dose, duration and any need to taper off?

28:59 Do you see any negative mental side effects from Trestolone?

29:40 Appropriate Masteron dosage for 300-350mg of Test/week + 25mg Anavar + 25mg Turinabol?

31:05 Do you know of any efficacious means of reducing endogenous T3 production?

31:41 I missed meeting you this weekend. I competed in the Amateur Classic physique and I placed 4th in a 34 person lineup,

32:08 I get nosebleeds multiple times a day when increasing my AAS dosage and supplement 100% of my vitamin K. Is it possible AAS are lowering my vitamin K?

33:53 Have you personally had a client not respond well hypertrophy wise to the 80-120 set protocol and have had to implement a lower volume approach and saw improved results from that?

37:18 What is the best drug approach for recomposition?

38:00 What type of compounds do you think someone like Ross Edgley is using?

38:24 The Enhanced Athlete guys protocol for testing quality of Growth Hormone is to get a serum GH blood test 2-2.5h after administration of the Growth Hormone. Do you think this would be accurate?

40:55 Can you alternate monthly between growth hormone-releasing peptides such as GHRP2 and Hexarelin to avoid desensitization?

42:20 Have you seen a correlation between nipple size and propensity to gynecomastia?

42:40 Is it possible to get massive cramps from taking 80mcg of Clenbuterol?

43:22 Are lactic acid sprains called lactic acidosis?

44:18 Highest dose of insulin you’ve ever used daily?

45:20 What would be the cause of extreme lightheadedness (borderline fainting) while doing compound movements that require a lot of muscle activation, oxygen supply or blood pressure?

46:16 Also, my forearm strains, it’s less me training like a fiend and more having easily fatigued forearms, 8 sets of back and they’re fucked. Often get stuck after a workout and I end up having to ask someone at the gym to straighten them for me.

46:51 Why was East Germany’s Turinabol periodization 3 weeks on / 1 week off?

48:20 What’s your opinion of T-Bol + Anavar on a second drug cycle?

48:45 Could you explain why so many coaches use Nolvadex to “dry out” for a contest?

49:57 Have you seen individual responses to Halotestin vary much regarding androgenic effects vs. anabolic?

50:35 What is the maximum concentration of AAS/mg to reconstitute?

52:43 If a bodybuilder wants to consult you for a long term PED plan for hypertrophy, what information do you need about the person?

53:40 Any advice for migraines?

53:50 Does Metformin suppress your appetite?

55:07 Sorry to hype on 19-nors, but if avoiding why would you use an alternative for nutrient partitioning like Tren?

57:11 What are the side effects of unnecessary use of Tamoxifen, since it does not destroy estrogen in the whole?

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