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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 3-3-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:06 What day of the week and what time of the day would suite for and additional Q&A?

03:26 What would be a decent beginner cycle for me to gain muscle size? I’m 27 and have been on TRT for 3 years (50-60mg Test C , twice a week- 100-120mg/week total with 250IU HCG twice a week). My total T levels at the trough are 900-1100 and free t is just above the “normal” lab range as well. Should I just bump up T a bit? Possibly add Anavar instead/ in addition? How long/how much? Any need for PCT with this? Just return to normal TRT for X weeks?

07:41 Thanks for the feedback on my question last week about picking a compound that will

help boost strength while staying in my weight class. Regarding the compounds you listed (Masteron and Primobolan), is there any sort of starting point you’d recommend, like 4-5mg/kg?

10:02 Cardio blunts mTor and activates AMPK, so it’s counterproductive for muscle gains, but it does improve health aspects influenced by AAS, allowing you to take more for the same health repercussions. Now the question is, does the AMPK and mTor influence of cardio even matter compared to the effects of taking more drugs? If so, shouldn’t everyone do gobs of cardio to be able to take gobs of drugs?

12:49 D-Bol theoretically converts to estrogen at 50% the rate of Test (same as EQ), but it converts to the stronger methylestradiol, but I don’t know how much stronger this estrogen is, so how does the estrogen load of D-Bol compare to test?

15:17 I am sensitive to E2, and I get the sides when I take more than 150mg/week test.

I recently started drinking more water at work. I make cold green tea using 3 bags in 1.5lt bottle and sip it through the day. Funnily enough, I got dry skin and a little sore knees after the squats. I titrated my test, 50mg/week at a time, from 150mg/week to 350mg/week, and surprisingly I have no E2 sides. Do you think drinking green tea to control aromatization is a good idea? Should I stop drinking green tea, and lower the test, or start AI?

18:04 In your 80-120 set paradigm for hypertrophy, where (if at all) do you fit in various intensification/”set extending” techniques such as drop sets, rest-pause/myoreps, etc?

20:58 In what situations would you apply Trenbolone?

23:51 For athletes who have crashed their E2 and are having a hard time raising it again, do you ever recommend manually supplementing with estradiol? If so, what method, and how do you determine the appropriate dose?

24:53 How would you dose Clenbuterol and T3 together for fat loss? And for how long?

26:38 On an earlier question you mentioned how the use of HCG for fertility wasn’t your preference, what is your preferred method?

28:15 How often do you suggest to your athletes to check blood pressure? Do you have a preferred time, or just a consistent time?

29:57 Are there any health supplements you recommend for low dose oral AAS use?

31:00 A week ago I began first-time anabolic use of Oxandrolone. Plan is 3 weeks at 10mg/day, 3 at 20mg, and 3 at 30mg like we discussed in Jan. I’m taking 5g/day fish oil for healthy fats. In Llewellyn’s “Anabolics” I came across a passage where he recommends Lipid Stabil and Liver Stabil for any oral use. Do you agree with this suggestion?

33:57 After about a week of use, I was seeing decent mood change and discontinued use. Typically I’m very relaxed but was quite a bit more aggressive on just 10mg of Oxandrolone. I have to deal with some bullshit at work and was on the verge of walking out with no other plans. Maybe best outcome long term but it was short term thinking. With the 9 hr half-life of the compound, I wonder if this was more related to the dip of hormones one 10mg/day dose causes after leaving my system? Think splitting to 2 doses would improve this?

34:38 When do you recommend taking Clenbuterol during the day?

35:11 What benefits would an athlete have if introducing Proviron at 5 weeks out?

36:45 At what point should “shitty responders” just give up?

39:15 Do you personally get an immune reaction when you use DHB due to post-injection pain, and do you use antibiotics to combat IM site infections?

40:00 Under the AAS First Aid Kit article on the member’s website, you mention the use of oral Cephalexin at 500mg for 7-10 days for IM infections. By definition, aren’t all intramuscular DHB injections infectious by nature since it produces so much inflammation at the injection site?

41:23 You mentioned that oral Turinabol aromatizes roughly at a rate of 40-60% similar to Dianabol given its near identical chemical structure, but that the 4-chloro substitute group “retards” the rate at which it aromatizes. Do you have an approximate timeframe on how long it takes oral Turinabol to aromatize compared to Dianabol’s instant conversion? Also, does it aromatize into methyl estradiol like Dianabol or just regular E2?

43:35 Can you please explain the dosage differences between pharmaceutical GH pens and generic kits? For example, a Pfizer Genotropin 12mg 36IU pen vs. a 100IU kit of generic black tops.

45:28 How do we avoid LVH and kidney damage when using AAS? I believe you said high blood pressure is the main culprit in both but I could be totally off. I’m sure certain compounds are particularly deleterious so avoiding them or using them sparingly will be wise, as well.

47:55 How does genetic ancestry affect an individual’s response to the desirable effects of different types of anabolic steroids?

50:03 When introducing T-Bol, is it more effective to run daily including rest days to maintain steady blood levels, or reserve for training days only?

51:28 Can you please explain the synergies between Trenbolone & DNP and Anadrol & DNP

52:30 As established, estrogen is kept as high as manageable, however, any health reasons or benefits to allow prolactin to stay high?

54:05 Is there a reason to monitor SHBG on a Testosterone heavy cycle?

55:12 What’s the most amount of muscle you’ve ever seen someone put on in a year?

56:29 Can growth hormone use really cause acromegaly in the face, hands, etc?

57:45 Do you have any idea of what the old-school powerlifters (like Ed Coan, Karwoski, Hatfield, lifters around that time) were using in regards to AAS? Any funny/interesting stories?

58:13 PCT for women?

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