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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:37 Is there a place for Dianabol usage for a bodybuilder looking to put on lean tissue, considering that drugs like Primo/Mast are not available?

03:45 Diabetes type 1 and Sustanon?

04:05 At what dose does Deca begin to aid joints?

05:10 Any tips to getting rid of scar tissue buildup from taking gear over the years?

06:53 Have you noticed any performance decline from taking Metformin in the mornings or are you not concerned with shutting down the mTor pathway?

09:08 Is a calorie surplus needed to build muscle?

10:26 Favorite rear delt movement?

10:39 Could orals be used as a pre-workout boost?

11:08 Unique characteristics that Primo has that Masteron doesn’t?

12:19 Is it just coincidence that if I cease GH for a week or so I often get a cold? Or is there something at work behind it and I just haven’t connected the dots?

14:30 You explained before how body weight changes when being on and off GH. Is it possible to tell how bodyweight will change when one starts to take insulin?

16:45 Can and to what extent can genuine an chronic life stress, not just busy at work stress, but serious shit, affect progress (gaining weight/getting leaner) even if on AAS?

18:18 Is there any benefit to start a cycle using Dianabol as a Test base and switch over to actual Testosterone for an estrogen source after 6-8 weeks?

20:45 Do you accept clients?

22:15 What is the optimal amount of meal frequency for an offseason bodybuilder?

23:58 I always thought your dog in the background was someone doing a skipping workout, when you mentioned it was your dog, I thought “ohh, that makes more sense”.

24:58 Which do you prefer, T-Bol or Anavar, during an aggressive cut?

26:16 Is it acceptable to take a BP medication to allow a cycle to run?

28:07 In your experience, if an athlete tolerates Trenbolone fairly well, does that in turn usually mean they will tolerate Nandrolone ok as well?

29:35 Have you gotten any negative views with someone with type 1 using Sustanon?

32:48 For improving proprioception, do you find the benefits of Methenolone can be improved with other compounds used synergistically, or is it as good as it gets as is?

34:27 What would make more sense for anabolism when taking insulin: To take 5IU before breakfast and 5IU before lunch, or 10IU before breakfast only?

35:50 Have you ever gotten a pinched nerve from a quad injection?

36:05 Thoughts on Ostarine?

36:25 E2 question: Knowing that aromatization happens mainly in the adipose tissue, is the rate of conversion more dependent on overall body fat, or the number of adipocytes?

37:16 Realistically what could directly replace TRT? I’m assuming maybe something like Primobolan, Masteron, Anavar, but wouldn’t the issue be that none of those convert to estrogen?

39:59 Are fertility issues relatively rare when using PEDs?

40:31 I’ve read a study showing that 300mg of Test + low dose of Anavar yielded greater hypertrophy results in comparison to 600mg of Test.

41:28 Tom Platz said in a seminar that bodybuilders are more likely to overtrain than undertrain. In your experience, how do you recognize real overtraining?

44:15 What are some cool, fruity varieties of coffee, similar to Yirgacheffe or Kenyan AA? From Africa, South America or otherwise? Not asking about a shop on Amazon, just the varieties themselves.

47:15 Do you have a Facebook group for members, where questions can be asked and answered between members?

48:24 Colombia just got 3 more positives for Boldenone, amongst two recent positives from Colombia for Boldenone. You think they’d try change something to dodge tests.

50:50 Is it correct that Melanotan II has performance-enhancing benefits? If so, what would be the dose for that?

53:15 If a bodybuilder wants to improve their general fitness and already walks 10.000 steps a day and can’t run due to an injured ankle, would you recommend something like cycling/pushing sleds?

55:55 Who do you think will be the first to deadlift 501kg?

56:52 Would you say that DHT derivatives like Primobolan, have less emotional impact than Nandrolone (Deca/NPP)?

57:31 Is the duration Clen is taken relative to the duration needed off it for it to become effective for fat loss again?

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