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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-25-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:21 What injectables or orals tend to give the largest increase with strength while minimizing increases in bodyweight? One that comes to mind is Halotestin but I’m not sure of many others that are similar or as powerful. I’m near the top of my weight class and don’t want to make any future cuts harder because of extra weight gain.

04:21 Does the ratio of AAS to estrogen alter the pattern of fat oxidation and accumulation? Have you had any success in doing this if you have attempted utilizing this idea?

06:17 Do you feel that one of the limiting factors in mitochondrial biogenesis for performance/muscle growth is related to how much sunlight we can receive each day, given that training and AAS are in order for the goal?

07:47 You’ve mentioned the use of Superdrol 10-14 days leading into a powerlifting competition. Could you explain the benefit the drug is able to provide during this scenario?

10:17 In the book “Speed Trap”, Ben Johnson’s doctor felt that Dianabol taken at 5mg a day, with a 3 week on, 3 week off course would be safe, pose no health risk, and elicit recovery effects from the training.

12:50 Could this course be replicated using Primobolan acetate, to elicit recovery from high volume training? How Long could this 3 week on 3 week off cycle be repeated, before having to stop completely for the body to reset?

15:23 Have you ever observed jaw pumps while eating as a result of GH use? I have experienced uncomfortable pumps up in the muscles around where the jaw attaches either side of the head while eating. Seems to accumulate and get worse over time with GH use starting with no effect noticed at all and escalating to the point where eventually every meal a painful pump makes eating a challenge and actually swells the jaw muscles giving face a highly attractive peanut shape until it settles. Concerned this facial change may start to become more permanent and people will shout peanut head as I walk down the street. Currently in month 4 of 2IU per day pre-bed. Potential solutions other than the obvious stop the GH? Could this be related to anabolic use as well?

17:44 This might be a stretch but do certain AAS have a propensity to skew your muscle fiber types towards a certain direction, or is that just a function of training style and genetics? I ask this because DHB seems to make me much stronger in the 6-10 rep range but not as much above 85% loads, which is something that I’ve been accustomed for years as a powerlifter. Mike Tuscherer programs singles @RPE 8 year-round for me (about 92%).

22:59 Do you feel injectable L-Carnitine has benefits for fat loss?

24:33 I asked this on your site and didn’t see a response so my apologies if you’ve answered already. I’m on doctor administered TRT and have been struggling to combat high hematocrit (50-52 %). The doc has had me lower my dose a few times, and I’m currently at 60mg weekly of Test Cyp, which has given me a few trough readings of around 500ng/DL. My latest labs were: Hemoglobin 17.6g/dL, Hct 50.8%, and RBC 5.42 x 10^6/uL. 1. What is the hematocrit level at which I should be seriously concerned about my health? 2. What strategies do you recommend to bring it down?

29:39 Would Anadrol keep you full while taking DNP?

31:29 You have previously mentioned that you have taken 300mg of Testosterone and 2-3g of Drostanalone (and/or Methenolone). What did your E2 look like? Didn’t this overly suppress estrogen? At what point (e.g. mg) would you consider increasing Testosterone and/or replacing Drostanalone with another AAS?

33:00 What are your thoughts on giving Trenbolone a try just to assess tolerance, or is it a card best left alone unless absolutely necessary?

36:22 If Metformin retards the liver’s contribution of sugar to the bloodstream, would this have an impact on the amount of fructose that one could consume in a day, because fructose is metabolized mainly in the liver?

38:21 Is there any drugs that will aid in a recomp? Some people have used Tren but I was wondering if there were others.

39:55 How much muscle mass above one’s natural potential would you estimate one can gain over an enhanced bodybuilding career?

43:27 It was discussed in another Q&A on the site that the body naturally produces 70IU insulin roughly per day on a 3000kcal diet. How do exogenous doses such as 10IU with 3 meals increase anabolism above what the body already produces?

45:18 Is there a way to design a long term (decades/multiple years) steroid/AAS plan to “frontload” heavier courses so that lower doses can be used later on during more advanced age for maintenance or very modest increments in muscle size?

47:10 Do you have any more details on your live stream with the Under the Bar team?

48:52 So just to clarify and make sure I understand, the body would produce that 70IU insulin no matter how much you take exogenously? And is this in spite of whether it is administered pre or post-meal?

49:32 Haha at “do do”. The look my girlfriend gives me when I laugh when she says that!

51:00 Info on Q&As and how you can submit your questions.

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