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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-21-20

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00:38 Broderick’s schedule for upcoming events

02:33 If a late-intermediate natural bodybuilder, 20 years 185lb, 10% body fat, were to take Anavar and Winstrol at 1mg/kg for about 30 days, what kind of body composition gains would they make?

04:24 What does Proviron do? When should it be used?

06:10 Does a bottle of Testosterone lose potency if it is stored at high temperature?

07:04 Favorite rep range for bodybuilding hypertrophy, frequency 2-3 times a week?

07:55 During Madsen’s final few weeks you guys introduced Nolvadex. What was the strategy behind that?

08:57 Should one worry about dietary cholesterol when running 1g of anabolics?

10:30 How much chromium do you recommend for x amount of carbs?

11:17 What’s a good cookie cutter program you’d recommend for most bodybuilders?

12:53 I’ve once heard Mike Israetel mention that a male can get away without shutdown if they run Anavar for less than 28 days.

13:42 Any supplements to lower hematocrit?

13:56 If you’re on gear and your blood pressure is high because of It and you go to a higher elevation, is there any more concern in regards to your blood pressure?

15:43 If a bodybuilder on AAS, with the goal of hypertrophy, is getting stronger on the German Volume training program, but the weight and body fat stay the same, would you increase the calories?

16:55 Can you elaborate on the comment you made on the podcast about distended stomachs, small limbs and alcoholism?

18:18 When you recommend training between 80 and 120 sets, do you mean all sets or only compound movements?

18:34 What are some things you wish you could tell yourself when you were younger in relation to training or drugs?

20:46 Would it be right to categorize Halotestin as an androgen, rather than an anabolic steroid?

21:47 There seem to be a lot of underground labs putting out injectable methylated compounds such as Dianabol and Anadrol. Is there any benefit to injecting these compounds over taking them orally?

22:09 would 50mg/week of Nandrolone decanoate be sufficient for clinically significant increase in collagen synthesis for joint, tendon, etc. repair or support for an 85-90kg male?

22:32 What sort of tissue growth can be expected from taking 1mg/kg daily for 30 days as a male?

24:24 Could your basic insulin general recommendation to build up to 10IU with breakfast and post workout be applied to a calorie deficit for fast fat loss as well as a surplus, assuming sufficient carbs are in place?

24:45 Chains for the bench press… good idea for 3-4 rep range?

24:59 Are there any supplements that can help the immune system?

27:07 There’s been circulating information on the internet about running HCG while on cycle to preserve fertility. What are your thoughts on that?

28:57 How much total milligrams of anabolics is needed to retain as much muscle as possible during an aggressive cut?

29:31 Do you take Metformin on an empty stomach first thing in the morning?

30:02 If one is taking 2IU of somatotropin pre bed (5 on 2 off), what would be the minimum dose on insulin a day, that would make a noticeable difference?

32:00 What are your thoughts on using Genotropin Pen?

32:44 If you met a girl that was about 220, but only had average size tits, would you still smash?

33:23 Do you recommend Ketotifen alongside Clenbuterol? If yes, can I start 3 weeks in or do I need to go back to start both at the same time?

35:15 How anabolic is GH in comparison to compounds such as Anavar and Winstrol?

36:40 Have you ever had Armenian coffee?

38:09 What supplements do you recommend for kidney health?

38:20 More on Ketotifen

38:42 Why do some people say Anavar only affects the kidneys and not the liver?

41:14 Acknowledging that probably depends to an extent on individual differences, is the impact of anabolic steroids generally similar for the heart and skeletal muscles?

42:40 GH or peptides such as TB-500 or BPC-157 for injury recovery?

43:11 Being a biologist, are you worried about the coronavirus and how long do you think it will take until it is under control?

45:17 Have you given any thought to our conversation regarding minutes of cardio per mg of PEDs?

45:36 Would you recommend any person on a bulk, to drink during the intense workout? I’ve been reading that BCAAs are overrated

47:35 Can one experience significant strength/muscle gains with a GH dosage of 4-6IU, no other anabolics used?

48:23 Elbows are always aching even though I use light weights and doing higher repetitions for many presses. Anything I can do to heal them?

49:16 Broderick’s schedule for upcoming events

49:55 What would be a good starting dose for insulin if taken pre workout?

51:11 Do you need to cycle off intramuscular Winstrol since only taking it 2 times a week?

52:35 If you had used thyroid hormones earlier in your life, like you said, what sort of dosing protocol would you use to lower pancreatic stress?

54:03 Need your thoughts on the Game Changers documentary.

56:15 Top things to consider for a female introducing Clenbuterol as her only compound?

57:15 For a 35 year old male, fairly new to enhancement, wanting to get as big as possible before too old, could the boundaries be pushed with anabolic doses, or would you still recommend long, low and slow?

58:39 Could you talk about drug selection depending on ethnicity with some examples?

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