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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-14-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:55 Is Follistatin something that actually works in the real world?

02.:35 What are your thoughts on the efficacy of microdosing?

03:02 Is it likely that certain muscle fiber types are more or less insulin sensitive?

04:21 You are a big fan of looking at choices of AAS on the basis of “what does the athlete need?” Makes perfect sense. I wonder if you plan to (in the future) speak to what the various qualifiers are?

05:58 I get 70% of my protein each day from whey shakes and the rest from eggs, milk, and meat. Would I gain more muscle if my protein was purely from real food?

08:13 Top books you would recommend for people trying to learn about biology?

09:38 Can you help explain the half-life of HGH being around 20 minutes, but it’s biological half-life being 9-17 hours?

13:02 Stupid question about insulin: Is there such a thing as a minimum effective dose, or would 1 IU pre-workout or before breakfast 5 days a week be beneficial for anabolism?

14:52 What’s your take on the safety of SARMS?

15:35 Anything one could do to help heal dry, achy, cracky joints? My estrogen is in range.

17:33 What is the terminal half-life of Boldenone undecylenate?

20:21 Opinions on Superdrol vs. Anadrol? I know you find Superdrol toxic, but why?

21:17 How do you avoid permanent infertility problems with anabolic steroid use?

22:49 When and why did all the bro-science “one must include Testosterone in every cycle” start?

24:57 I heard so many people claim that whey protein is digested so quickly that most of it isn’t even absorbed and instead just urinated out.

26:24 Do you thing that the Olympia’s prize money will go up now that it’s changed, owners?

27:27 Green coffee bean recommendations?

29:21 You explained that there’s no big difference between fasted and unfasted cardio. Is weight training on an empty stomach detrimental for hypertrophy?

30:52 At the conclusion of an AAS course would Clenbuterol and Metformin be a wise choice for preserving muscle and increasing insulin sensitivity? Do they conflict when implemented together?

31:45 I travel for work and can only take my shots on weekends. How much muscle gain am I losing since I’m only injecting my drugs Friday-Saturday-Sunday?

33:23 Have you ever heard of low dose T3 or Clen results in loss of menstruation when in maintenance calories?

35:04 What’s your opinion on the use of Metformin for weight loss?

35:37 Is 1000+mg of Testosterone enanthate a week too much?

37:35 What is the long term clinical dosage of Clenbuterol?

38:37 When using Dianabol, would you recommend splitting the dose or all in the morning?

40:21 Is collagen protein a waste of money?

42:08 Do people use common sense before asking some of these questions?

42:32 A rule of thumb for times and duration of cardio per week to maintain healthy blood pressure while on AAS? Is it too individual?

44:15 What do you consider being an unacceptable level of cholesterol for a bodybuilder?

46:01 Why do some people get stiff joints while taking Winstrol, even at low doses?

46:58 My bench is 6 reps at 140kg, but I can only do 1 rep at 160kg. What would you recommend to get my strength up?

50:53 Predictions for Charley’s debut?

51:04 As expected, my HDL has lowered as my cycle has progressed, however, my last blood work showed it in the red field (0.97 and 1.1 is where green starts). Everything else is fine. Any way to increase HDL?

52:40 Does high-intensity training have any benefits for muscle hypertrophy compared to volume training?

55:23 Apart from diet, what’s the most interesting and ignored fat loss helper?

56:21 What is the maximum amount of rest time you like to take between sets?

57:29 One of the stupidest things I’ve seen lately is a common belief that Masteron somehow stops working if you’re not super lean.

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