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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-7-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:40 Please speak about fragment HGH.

03:16 Can you go over women and PCT?

03:23 What is your opinion on TB-500?

03:56 Does Masteron’s degree of estrogen suppression vary from person to person?

04:22 Can someone have genetically more ribosomes per muscle, which can lead to more hypertrophy?

05:21 Primobolan vs. Masteron. Which is superior for strength athletes and is there any point to stacking both?

07:02 Longer, lower, slower is better! Would it be beneficial for muscle building to take 20mcg of Clenbuterol 365 days a year?

08:25 Is there any activity or supplement that can lower RBC?

09:43 I know that you preach Mast and Primo, but if one is immune to the side effects of Testosterone, wouldn’t it be equally effective in terms of muscle building as Mast and Primo?

11:20 What’s the one thing you wish most first time Testosterone users knew before starting a cycle with strength gain in mind?

11:37 If a physique athlete is not going to compete and has no need to do contest prep, how would that athlete combat accumulating fat levels in a permanent offseason?

13:05 How much water could you hold on 2 IU of HGH?

14:05 Do these videos go on your Instagram to watch again?

14:50 You mentioned before that even a small dose of Somatropin is beneficial for muscle building and performance. Could the same be said for Insulin? For example 5 IU before breakfast is better than none.

16:58 Can you go over your preferred use of Clenbuterol over say a 20 week prep for fat loss phase?

17:06 Still natural, but I plan on making the jump in the near future. Trying to learn as much before. No questions, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the great information from here and the website!

17:33 Since Test isn’t the best drug for strength gains, what would you say the best approach would be?

20:53 Why would one’s natural testosterone go down and a year of improving testosterone levels after a steroid cycle providing all other variables are consistent and controlled? Is there a way to remedy this?

21:41 If one has a busy schedule, is it perfectly fine to get the vast majority of one’s protein from whey shakes?

25:57 Other than blood work, is there any to know if one’s DHEA or pregnenolone is suppressed from TRT? What are the benefits of optimizing those hormones?

28:51 With the approximate 5x the half life to reach peak plasma levels and start noticing physiological changes, do any injectable DHT, 19nor or Testosterone derivatives express a psychological improvement sooner?

30:11 In prep for a show and have high estrogen levels. Would this hide my real condition or would I look no different with lower estrogen?

31:34 How do you decide on mg/kg increases? Do you ever leave it the same for multiple cycles?

33:37 Do you prefer the Dan Duchaine 2 on 2 off for Clen dosing?

35:50 Is there any way to remove gyno from puberty without surgery (getting to a very low BF%, drugs, etc.), if it’s several years since it was gained?

37:37 Do you track, or suggest athletes track protein from carbohydrate or plant sources?

38:22 After using Clenbuterol for a few days, when the side effects start to cease, does the drug stop working?

39:40 Is running GH-Insulin course 5 days a week vs. 7 days a week a more notable sacrifice in efficacy?

40:37 What are your thoughts on alicin (from garlic) for blood pressure regulation?

41:54 You mentioned before that you are writing a book .Can you tell when it’s going to be released and what topics it covers?

43:26 Increasing natural test results for 12 months, but last result went down almost 25%. All variables are consistent and nothing has changed. Any clue to why and do you know a way to help? (regarding a previous question)

47:35 Thoughts on duration of DNP use at 200mg for a 100kg male athlete.

48:20 Sub-q vs. IM…

48:37 Is Test and Primo a good first cycle?

49:16 For a physique athlete would you suggest an escalating dosage over the duration of a cycle or do you stay with the same dosage?

51:19 For the first cycle of 500mg of Sustanon 250 and 200mg of Deca would I expect to see much change?

52:33 Do you believe that certain exercises over time change skeletal structure? E.g. pullovers expand the ribcage.

53:46 As some feedback: I would love some videos on the member’s site about things like how height/weight/race/age affects everything.

56:13 London seminar this year or the next?

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