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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 2-11-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:19 Is BPC-157 in oral pill form worth a shit? Does it get destroyed in the stomach acids or is it able to make its way into the bloodstream?

03:19 If an athlete wanted to use Trestolone acetate proximal to a strength event because of its quick acting nature, would ArimIdex be sufficient to control any potential estrogenic side effects or is something else needed?

04:45 Keeping testosterone at 2500 to 3000ng/dl with moderate GH dosing year round and adding in periods with 19nor or DHT for 8-16 weeks. What would be your typically recommended time on-time off periods as long as blood lipids, etc. stay within a reasonable zone?

06:30 I know the main issue with kidneys and steroid use is high blood pressure. Will blood pressure medication cancel any kidney problems while on cycle or are there other factors that can cause a kidney problem?

07:35 How approximate (minutes) to sleeping can one inject HGH to reap the most benefits?

09:08 Using your knowledge of pharmacology, how do you think Stenbolone Acetate (injectable) would compare to DHB in practice? In the book Anabolics, William Llewellyn states that it is a DHT derivative developed on a DHB backbone structure with the addition of a 2-methyl group, making it structurally similar to both Masteron and DHB. He claims a 300:130 Anabolic:Androgenic ratio based on standard assays, making it more favorable than DHB on paper.

12:24 Someone asked a few weeks back about Nandrolone only cycles. You said about possibly making a separate video on this or is this something you could go into detail about for us?

16:37 In your Nexus healing peptides podcast, I was wondering why you didn’t mention MGF/PEG-MGF (Mechano Growth Factor), since you spoke at lengths about satellite and stem cells. Does MGF contribute anything of value to healing on top of 2ug/kg BPC-157 daily and 0.5mg TB500 weekly, assuming a base of high carbohydrates, growth hormone secretagogues (Ipamorelin + Mod-GRF), and Metformin?

19:19 I’m starting a cycle with Boldenone and Masteron only. Roughly what’s the proportion of them should I take to keep estrogen in check? I’m planning to take 1000mg of total gear.

21:47 If DHB is a DHT derivative, would it be just as effective (if not more) as other DHT derivatives for the purposes of increasing 1RM strength and skill acquisition?

22:30 Also mentioned under the DHB section of the Anabolics book is that it mildly converts to estrogen. Is this true in your experience?

24:23 In one of your Instagram stories from a while back, you had a list of oral and injectable AAS that you like. Furazabol was amongst that list – what are your general thoughts on it and in what context would someone use this particular drug over traditional orals?

25:06 In what instances, besides availability and cost, might you apply Masteron over Primobolan?

26:45 Again about the Boldenone and Masteron cycle. Do you think it’s fine to take 600mg of Boldenone and 400mg of Masteron? Or should I increase the Boldenone dose and decrease the Masteron dose due the anti estrogen effect of Masteron?

28:15 Is it possible to get gynecomastia from GH use? What is the typical dosage people might see problems?

29:04 In your ‘First Course’ video in the ‘Practical Application’ series, you outline how one would escalate the dosage of Anavar (or similar orals) as testosterone gets suppressed over time. Does this mean that if one was on TRT, there wouldn’t be a need for as much escalation for the best effect?

30:05 What’s your experience regarding travelling with gear? I understand that in most cases it’s best to avoid it altogether, but let’s say you’re moving countries or going for extended periods to a place where you wouldn’t be able to ship/order things due to customs regulations. I’ll move to another country in a few months so any advice would be appreciated!

32:07 What would be the correct injection protocol of 3ml of Primo 200 with a half-life of 5-7 days. Would one administer one 3ml shot once a week or multiple, equal administrations for a total of 3ml a week? I’ve witnessed people advising microdose dosages threw out the week as it stabilizes the compounds entering ones system. Is there in merit to this statement or is complete BS?

35:03 Would using Proviron 2 weeks before the use of orals like Primobolan Acetate or Oxandrolone, have the same potentiating effects as it would with Stanazolol?

37:01 Do the testosterone suppression effects of Proviron differ from other DHT derivatives (onset, severity, etc.)?

38:55 Saw it mentioned here briefly, but wasn’t expanded upon… any efficacy to a Nandrolone/Deca only cycle or would very low test still be recommended < ~100mg/w especially for someone who may experience too many negative sides with any kind of moderate dosage of test (sports TRT)? 41:50 Tasmania seminar info! 43:20 Do you have any tips for individuals who get severe/frequent cramping when not working out? I need to get mineral levels checked, but consume a good amount of sodium, potassium, and fluids. 44:36 The cramping is worst outside of workouts. 45:59 Are you doing any seminars in the US? (and possible international seminar schedule) 47:02 Any general recommendations for water intake in terms of liters or gallons? 47:38 Columbus Arnold? 48:36 What's the highest amount of mls would you inject at one time? 50:00 What is your opinion on EAA supplementation or is it your opinion that as long as you are hitting your daily protein requirements from different protein sources that you are fine and getting what you need? 53:18 You mentioned being higher on the reference range for sodium. I was on a high salt intake but l was near the lower end. Any reason for this or should l increase my sodium intake even more (I do sweat a lot if that matters)? 56:45 How to send your questions to Broderick!

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