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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-31-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:50 I know you say GH is best used at night for growth. Wouldn’t a better strategy be to use it pre workout an then use Humalog 2 hrs later when IGF is elevated?
02:39 Do you like carb-cycling?
02:49 Do you like dandelion root tea or extract for dropping water weight?
03:30 Can GH and insulin be drawn up in the same syringe?
03:58 Is over 10,000 mg of sodium a day too much if your potassium is under 3,000 mg?
05:12 Can you explain the pathology of how AAS give a “dry” look?
06:08 You’ve mentioned that Turinabol is a good drug for athletes. Would it be useful for a smaller guy going into a strongman competition?
08:13 For the 80-120 mesocycle design, if your recovery is on point (low joint stress, good anabolics, low life stress, young, calorie surplus, etc.), could you start higher and end higher?
09:27 What over the counter product would you use to drop water?
09:47 Can growth hormone be reconstituted with vitamin B12?
10:33 Just a comment, but loved your podcast on the After Life Show with Daniel. Never learned so much in my life. Thank you!
11:21 If an insulin pen that was not in a cooler for approx. 2 days during travel is it still ok to use?
12:51 What topics are you currently researching?
14:40 On the Madsen files, when you had Randy drop the insulin during his cut, you also had him add 500mg of Metformin. Why?
16:53 What do you consider unacceptable levels of hematocrit, hemoglobin and RBC?
18:44 Not sure if you have covered this, but do you use the escalating dosage mg/kg protocol for precontest/fat loss phase for physique athletes and do you base the numbers on goal weight?
31:54 Are there any “joint support” supplements you take personally or recommend?
22:42 Can you explain the pathology of “HGH gut” caused by insulin and HGH?
24:14 What are the reasonable expectations in muscle gain during a well designed AAS, insulin and somatropin course?
25:55 On the group someone shared that Test enathate users (44%) passed a drug test. Would that indicate that the ratio is what flags people, not the usage of TRT in sports?
27:10 Is an insulin pin fine to use for sub-q steroids?
28:28 When coming off AAS, would one just simply come off and wait until your natural hormones restart to come back on their own?
30:30 How would you explain Pete Grymkowski’s AAS use and no negative side effects?
31:39 That’s really interesting on the Clen-mTOR research. Keep us posted!
31:59 How much cardio would you recommend in a hypertrophy phase for the nutrient partitioning benefits mostly?
34:49 How much risk is there in taking Anavar in comparison to other “harder” compounds?
35:48 Is it important to take liver support with using Testosterone only?
35:59 I find that my training performance increased when I came off of Metformin, which is what lead me to dig around and learn about the role of liver glycogen.
38:26 If someone has 3 years of training experience, just finished their first course, is 18-20% BF and is on sports TRT (3mg/kg), what would you do calorie wise? Maintenance/small deficit to recomp?
39:39 If someone got gyno trough puberty, how might that change their options in terms of drugs they can use for the purpose of muscle growth without further growing the gyno?
41:05 If androgen receptors are fully saturated…
42:30 Is the exponential effects of Anavar and Turinabol in women something that occurs in men also?
44:42 On a fat loss phase or contest prep should the HGH still be at night or switched to the AM? Also are there more effective peptides or GH fragment for fat loss?
46:35 What’s the highest estrogen level you have seen where the person had no side effects?
47:41 I’m planning to start a 4 month cycle, 2 months in a calorie surplus, 2 months in a calorie deficit. I plan to take 500mg of Boldenone and 200-400mg of Primobolan. I’d like to lose fat as much as possible. Would you suggest to take the same pharmaceuticals?
49:58 Is exceeding protein amount in a calorie deficit by say 200 calories increase body fat or assist better with building muscle?
50:27 If  you just want to keep joints protected and working well, would you take HGH or something else?
51:27 Is there a maximum oil volume you would inject sub-q vs. intramuscular?
52:19 If the eccentric phase of the rep is where the muscle breakdown takes place, is it also the same for connective tissue damage?
53:30 What’s your opinion on use of Primo in conjunction with a cycle?
54:21 Why don’t you endorse the use of Sermorelin?
55:30 What are the pros and cons of GH IM vs. sub-q administration?

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