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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:07 Would Dianabol or Anadrol be the better choice for a powerlifter to take precontest (the last 4-6 weeks before the meet)? I’ve heard people getting similar levels of strength from both.
02:51 When dieting during sports TRT (3mg/kg), would it be reasonable to expect some muscle gain?
04:01 If carb intake is still fairly high do you recommend using insulin in a fat loss phase to mitigate muscle loss?
06:00 When preloading syringes for the week, can growth hormone and Novolin R insulin be mixed in the same pin and stored in the refrigerator for a week or will preservatives in the insulin cause the GH to degrade?
07:00 Should there be a concern with using up too much bone marrow for red blood cell production when using high dose or any dose of equipoise? Could tapping into bone marrow for RBC production cause a cancer scenario?
07:40 Is there a ratio of IU’s of insulin contra IU’s of HGH?
09:46 Do you have any insights on using lysergic acid diethylamide for performance enhancement in the gym?
11:17 Was watching an old Madsen Files the other day and didn’t understand one aspect of Randy’s prep- tapering Arimidex down and Nolvadex up towards the show. I know Arimidex stops the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and Tamoxifen blocks estrogen at the receptor site. Please explain the benefit in tapering Arimidex down.
14:00 Would you reintroduce Testosterone in between two competitions? Say 1 is in May and the other is June or July time frame.
15:43 Do you have any thoughts on Superdrol’s formerly OTC sister-compounds Methylstenbolone and Dimethazine? Most AAS users seem to immediately dismiss them, but I’ve never understood why, seeing as they’re likely very potent. And, appear to carry similar health implications as other “traditional” DHT-based orals.
17:42 Is Metformin dosages always based on current carb intake (so it decreases when in a caloric deficit and increases during a calorie surplus), or do you base it on a specific value (maintenance carbs, surplus carbs or whatever) and keep it at that until changes in muscle mass means an increase in total carb intake (and therefore dosage) is needed?
19:15 As reference see opioid lawsuits that killed Purdue. (and talk on drug companies in general)
20:55 Have you had any experience with breath hold divers using Meldonium? It looks promising for this purpose to my very novice understanding!
21:47 Knowing that Boldenone aromatizes roughly at a rate of 40-60%, why does Equipoise (EQ) seemingly lower estradiol in a lot of anecdotal blood work online?
23:44 Have you ever read “Death By Regulation” Broderick? Speaks about how costs for drug manufactures + thus time to market has gone through the roof and certain failings within the system. Really insightful book.
24:52 People have frequently complained about EQ giving them low E2 symptoms. Some of the readings I’ve done suggests that EQ has a mechanism that causes competitive inhibition of brain aromatase, or a downstream metabolite (1,4 dienedione) having aromatase inhibition properties.
27:10 Does the undecylenate ester attached to Boldenone (EQ) somehow modify its effect so that it has anti-estrogenic effects as opposed to pro-estrogenic effects that Boldenone cypionate and acetate inherently have?
29:00 I read in a couple of places that DHT is a quite poor anabolic agent, and has mainly androgenic actions. In that vein it would seem like a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor like Finasteride wouldn’t ‘ruin’ the anabolic properties of exogenous testosterone, whereas it would strongly mitigate the androgenic (side) effects. From what I’ve heard, you disagree with this idea. Could you please elaborate on your stance on the matter, or would you have any athlete/bodybuilder case studies who went down this route?
30:12 So Meldonium should have benefits for divers? Training for actively swimming underwater on a breath hold. Could it help improve breath hold duration while actively diving? Or would the benefits be more for the aerobic capacity between dives? (regarding a previous question on Meldonium).
30:50 Would you trust Metformin from India?
31:40 Not a question, but wanted to say that I have been wearing your shirts to the gym, and I must say that I love the material and the fit. They’re less baggy than regular shirts, and very comfortable.
32:52 Have you seen any other drug synergies that are similar to the Anavar & Turinabol synergy?
34:18 My question has to do with choosing between using Masteron and Primobolan for their secondary benefits. I know that both are pretty similar with Primobolan being a little better for building muscle and recovery, but I’m really curious about the neurological benefits and possibly muscular endurance benefits. Which do you feel offers better strength gains and better aids in skill development? Is the difference negligible or significantly in the favor of one or the other?
35:30 Anecdotally, it seems like people claim mast is much better for strength development, but that’s just anecdotal experience that I’ve read.
36:26 Would an athlete in a weight class sport (MMA/boxing for example) be better served by a TRT dose of Test and 600 mg of Mast, 600mg Primo or maybe 300mg of each? I’m using 600mg because of the 10mg/kg guideline.
38:13 I believe you have previously said some not very nice things about the World Health Organization. But you did not explain why you think it’s terrible, so I was wondering if you could explain why?
40:48 WADA bans diuretics and masking agents. Please expand on what compounds can be used to mask drug use. When do these compounds get implemented and how to they actually mask drug use?
42:42 You’re a pretty big dude, and the bodybuilders you coach are pretty big as well. So I was wondering if you have any tips on how to deal with chafing, I walk about 12.000 steps a day (due to work) and my inner thighs are absolutely killing me.
44:33 Long legged boxer briefs and/or compression boxer briefs. (related to the previous chafing question)
44:44 If you were employed to crack down on illegal PED use in, say, cycling, what would you change about the tests and/or procedures to catch those who use?
47:50 How do you dose Clenbuterol for fat loss?
51:30 Thanks again for all you do and sharing your knowledge Evil Genius.
52:05 Thoughts on decaf coffee?
53:27 What questions do YOU think about? You most likely have better questions than we do.
57:05 The members site needs a whole section about Broderick’s questions to himself!!!

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