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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:47 Are you still doing reverse grip benches?
02:03 Is Body Opus still worth reading given how outdated and wildly inaccurate some of the theories are?
03:13 Do you have a rule of thumb regarding dosage and duration for Clenbuterol for building muscle?
05:26 How close to the event are the weigh-ins for classic physique and the 212 respectively?
06:00 Why was Clenbuterol discontinued for asthma?
06:47 Was Duchaine a dealer himself? Did he manufacture steroids? Where did he come from?
07:41 Have you seen studies about the effects of AAS during gestation?
07:53 I get a lot of WCMR from Masteron… Any tips?
08:15 Have you ever looked into the research on cold exposure in humans and its effects on white fat into brown fat and/or its effects on glucose uptake, insulin sensitivity?
10:10 People are taking 1 g of Test? Wouldn’t it be smart to take 200 mg of Test and take other anabolic compounds such as Primobolan?
10:35 Bromocriptine for fat loss? Recently skimmed trough Lyle’s books on the topic, but Bromocriptine isn’t mentioned much.
11:09 How did Dan Duchaine learn so much about steroids? Did he go to school?
12:09 Can asthmatics in WADA get a medical exemption to use Clenbuterol?
12:45 Mariusz Pudzianowski is a strongman who looked more like a bodybuilder. What is the reason? Better genetics, better diet, smarter AAS use compared to other strongman?
13:47 If someone used Test and Masteron for 4 months and they stopped, can they return to normal production?
14:33 Would 8 weeks of Testosterone enanthate and Masteron enanthate going into a strongman competition be enough time to make a significant difference in performance?
15:07 Are there any specific AAS or other PEDs that you favor during periods of calorie deficit, where fat loss and muscle retention are the goal?
16:55 Do you think weightlifting has a chance to get booted from the Olympics?
17:13 Would high purity Methenolone acetate be a safer and equally effective alternative to DHB, considering doses are equated?
18:28 Could you expand on Nandrolone’s negative effects on the brain?
18:56 Does running high/medium Deca Durabolin dose with low Test dosages (150-200 mg) make sense (considering that drugs like Primo and Mast are non obtainable)?
20:07 Are there any cattle/animal studies about the effects of AAS on the fetus?
20:32 If you can point me to those studies about Nandrolone when you get a chance, post them on the members site and Facebook, I can search for them myself.
21:30 What do you thing about Dr. Thomas O’Conner?
22:00 I heard Finasteride is used for hair loss prevention. What other compounds can be used? Finasteride has a lot of negatives.
24:38 What can you see happening in the next 5 to 10 years in terms of new drugs or things in the works?
25:31 Will Mike Israetel get to 300 lbs?
25:48 Confirming you are going to be here in Australia for Arnold Pro Raw.
26:35 What are the long term risk of Clenbuterol used in clinical doses for asthmatics?
27:18 Collagen supplements?
29:14 I watched one of the podcast where you mentioned that cholesterol gets built up when PEDs are used because it’s not being used to make hormones. What do you do to mitigate that issue?
30:06 If you are enhanced and behind on prep, can you eat under 10 g of fat and carbs and just eat protein for  4-6 weeks and nothing else to get rid of fat fast?
31:22 I know you mentioned that neurological side effects from AAS isn’t your area of expertise, but in your experience how does Nandrolone compare to Tren in that area?
32:02 Why is the cost of Anavar so stupidly high?
33:58 Are you going to have a booth at the Arnold?
35:12 Being an insomniac, how important would you say sleep is for hypertrophy and sports performance?
37:05 Are there any drug interventions you use to help with peripheral neuropathy or neurological issues in general?
38:27 What would you consider a high fiber diet?
40:33 Does wearing a waist trainer/belt nonstop actually work for reducing waist size?
41:33 I’ve had ALT/AST as high as 1100/450 with suspected autoimmune hepatitis, but prescribed budesonide to reduce which has worked initially, but no lower than 160/90…
42:35 I get a lot of acne from Masteron even on just 200 mg… any tips?
44:00 What is the best PED/research chemical for joint health that you can run year round without adding water weight like GH?
45:17 You’ve mentioned that not using a drug to try and clear the liver when the role of the liver is to clear. Any recommendations regarding managing autoimmune hepatitis and have you experienced anything like?
46:17 Could Bronkaid be used to enhance performance for strongman entering a competition with more cardio demands?
46:51 You said before you’ve built big arms without biceps curls. Which exercises did/would you do for big arms?
48:17 Do you think Flex Lewis can win the open Olympia?
49:13 Is the 19nor family non sustainable for individuals with anxiety/depression because it’s neurotoxic?
49:26 I bloat quickly with Test, also on TRT dosage even when using an AI. If I use EQ for TRT (double the Test dosage, without an AI) could I see more or less bloat this way?  
50:07 Would you say it’s smart for example for chest on a first workout of the week to do 8-12 rep scheme and on the second day do 12-15 rep scheme?
51:04 Is it possible to make an appointment with you for sports performance consulting on the phone?
51:24 EQ is rarely discussed on this forum. What are its best uses and application?
52:33 I guess this is more of an obvious question for Dr. Mike, but when in a maintenance phase (lowering training volume for a month or so) do you advise lower calories if the goal is not to gain weight?
53:50 If you are doing a 4 on 1 off bodybuilding split , how would you equate weekly volume seen as the week overlaps sort of?
55:17 Could you add Masteron in low doses to TRT (potentially lowering the Test dose) for long periods of time?
55:33 Does intramuscular water retention increase blood pressure?

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