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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-21-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:51 Your friend Alex Kikel has an interesting stance on DNP. He provides a lot of information about it on his page and seems to be a big fan. I realize it can be lethal, just like insulin, but feel like that would have to be an egregious user error. I know you aren’t as big of a fan of this compound, but can you give an example of a situation when you would find it useful for a client?
03:50 I’ve read that if you smell like ammonia during or after a workout it means that you are burning proteins for fuel. Does that mean you are burning up precious hard earned muscle or proteins in the blood stream? Or is it bullshit?
06:35 What is the best way to counter the heavy metals found in UGL gear?
08:14 In your TRT/HRT video discussions on the member’s website, you mention that Dianabol is perfectly adequate for HRT since it provides similar androgen levels (DHT) as Testosterone, but half the E2 conversion, when equating total weekly dose. Is it sustainable to take 10-20 mg Dianabol indefinitely (year-round) as an HRT protocol instead of the equivalent TRT dose? Is long-term liver toxicity a problem with only 10 mg Dbol daily? Also, does methylestradiol fulfill the same function as regular estradiol in males for HRT purposes? If I’m not mistaken, Dianabol primarily aromatizes into methylE2, which has a slightly lower binding affinity to estrogen receptors than regular E2, but it has a slower clearance rate.
13:20 Can low dose Anadrol (10-20 mg/day) fulfill the same functions as estradiol in the male body and ultimately be used as HRT? It doesn’t seem to increase serum E2 but it looks like it agonizes estrogen receptors ERα and ERβ, with a higher binding affinity for the latter. Is it enough to activate estrogen receptors for HRT or do you actually need circulating estradiol for it to work?
15:20 I noticed that at higher body-fat percentages (15%+) my libido is considerably higher than at lower ones. (not enhanced). Based on what I learnt here, my theory is that there is more conversion to estrogen at higher body-fat percentages, which is important for libido. Am I on the right track?
Also, I’m wondering how being enhanced changes the subjective experience of being (very) lean. For naturals, anything below 10% body-fat feels like your sex drive (and drive for life) is just sucked out, but how different is this when you ingest testosterone exogenously?
17:56 What are your general thoughts on oral Turinabol and does it have any unique applications that other oral AAS don’t have that justify its place in the context of cycle design (particularly pertaining to strength training since that’s what it was designed for)? It’s generally touted as a stronger Anavar alternative with slightly more side effects. Some even call it Dianabol-lite, especially in terms of mood. Based on several compound experience threads on Reddit, it seems like the best oral AAS in terms of risk to reward for someone who is risk averse.
20:55 In a similar vein, do you see much value in injectable M1T (Methyl-DHB) compared to other harsh injectable oral AAS like Mtren? M1T is said to be a healthier and user-friendly version of Superdrol.
21:35 Do injectable Mtren or Trestolone (MENT) exhibit the same deleterious effects on brain chemistry and mental health as Trenbolone since they’re part of the 19nor family? If one is prone to psychosis on Trenbolone, would that necessarily indicate a poor mental response to injectable Mtren or Trestolone from your experience? I’ve only read positive mood anecdotes on Trestolone due to methylE2 but I’m not too sure about injectable Mtren.
23:10 Some people on TRT/HRT treatment (traditional 1 mg/kg and also some of the members here using your 2-3 mg/kg recommendation) report elevated prolactin. Is this just the nature of the beast with TRT due to testosterone having competitive antagonism for the progesterone receptor?
24:52 I’ve heard that Cabergoline can reduce levels of IGF-1 and growth hormone. If this is true, do we need to be wary of using this for prolactin management in the aforementioned issue or when using it alongside Nandrolone?
26:25 Is there a way to circumvent the upregulation of myostatin throughout the course of a cycle (besides returning to a TRT baseline after 12-16 weeks of high androgen use)? I know you advocate time on = time off for health purposes, but how long does it realistically take for myostatin to get back to normal once returning to a standard 1-2 mg/kg TRT “cruise”?
28:30 In your estrogen roundtable podcast, you advocate the use of bioidentical oral estradiol if one wanted to acquire their E2 outside of aromatizable androgens. Wouldn’t biestro cream be a better option since it doesn’t interact with hepatic SHBG? Also, doesn’t estradiol increase coagulation if consumed orally, with most of it being biotransformed into estrone/E1?
30:17 Can you please explain why Dbol ruins some peoples appetite, and for some people it is the opposite, and their appetite is even higher on Dbol ?
31:43 Would you please go over the effects of grapefruit juice in combination with oral AAS and other commonly used bodybuilding drugs? Can there be a benefit or are you aware of some risky interactions?
31:54 Estrogen benefits vs. risks. I hear from one video here that you should keep estrogen as high as manageable due to its benefits.
34:45 If one gets disabling amounts of PIP from DHB (100 mg/ml) made with 20% guaiacol added on top of BA and BB 2/20%, is it possible for the PIP to come from the guaiacol, or is DHB itself the culprit? Just wondering if brewing it without guaiacol would be a solution, or if I’m just fucked when it comes to DHB?
37:40 I’ll take 3 ml out of a bottle. I’ll put 1 ml in my right triceps, 1 ml in my left triceps and 1 ml in my glute. All 3 of them can show radically different soreness (“PIP”). Why is that? What’s the difference?

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