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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-17-20

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03:00 Does Tren shrink your brain?
03:45 NPP & Test, any documented effects on fat loss other than nitrogen retention?
04:47 Does AAS have any effect on blood iron levels? If so what AAS should someone with hemochromatosis use, if any?
05:45 A German documentary said Moldovan weightlifters had clean doppelgangers, take their test, paid off inspectors. Common practice or just a funny story?
06:50 When is the best age to start steroids if you think of becoming a pro bodybuilder?
08:18 Is there a best cycle of test only?
08:33 If all I had was Ostarine and Anavar available, what’s the best way to use them & should I bother with PCT?
09:32 Why do you not like Ostarine?
10:25 I’ve heard you talk about stacking Tbol with Anavar before. Can you explain why this works as well as dosage?
11:22 Are you coming back to Sydney this year?
12:06 What’s your go to PCT for females?
13:00 View on Milos Sarcev?
13:40 Is there a correlation between testicular atrophy and fertility?
14:00 You mentioned before that some guys just suck at responding to AAS. Do you find these same guys tend to have less negative side effects or completely unrelated?
14:55 Why is Primo so often  faked as Masteron? Is the cost of producing Primo that expensive and hard?
16:42 What’s the maximum time and dose you would advise someone to use Anavar?
17:38 Thoughts on 20-30 rep sets within the context of effective reps?
18:21 I think your recommendation for Metformin dose is 100 mg / 100 g of carbohydrates, however I have 500 mg extended release tablets and consume 200 g of carbohydrates.
19:15 I am starting a new cycle after 2 months of TRT. I’m concerned about the volume of my sperm. I’m thinking of taking HCG after the cycle. What are your thoughts? Are you against taking HCG in this case?
20:48 Do you have drugs that you prefer for speed based strength athletes vs. maximal strength athletes?
23:30 Would a block of higher repetition training close to failure be an effective way to increase work capacity prior to normal training in bodybuilders?
24:26 While taking Accutane is there any anabolics or androgenics I should be worried about?
25:03 Can you give a post-it note guide for a person who wants to switch from bodybuilding to powerlifting?
26:44 Best thing to do post bodybuilding show cycle wise?
27:15 Effective reps  basically is within a 30 rep set the first 15-25 reps are ineffective as they are too far from failure to cause any stimulus.
28:27 Do you notice if any PEDs improve mental health?
28:42 Regarding the last question, volume of ejaculate is important to me, not fertility. What are the options?
29:41 Is it possible to estimate after how many weeks prolactin/progesterone  problems arise during a Deca only course?
30:22 What do you think about collagen supplements for tendons? Do you think they are worth the investment?
32:11 If you can’t get your hand on Premi or Caber, are there anything else you can use to lower prolactin levels if you run into issues, because I’m adding Deca in lower dose at first?
33:26 I know you advocate Primo and Mast as staples in your protocols. Why would you choose these over EQ  due to being more mild over Mast?
34:50 Thoughts on SARMs as a whole. Some you may like, some you may hate.
35:30 After having taken doctor prescribed Accutane for 6 months, what should I be worried about?
35:48 A few highly regarded individuals to me talk about UC2 collagen supplement being beneficial as a joint-tendon support.
37:10 In order to get a prescription for insulin in a country where a prescription is needed, is there any way to fake low insulin as can be done with testosterone?
38:58 Is there any long term side effects that I should be worried about, the majority of side effects that have occurred, were dryness? Is there anything I would experience now that I’ve done my Accutane course?
39:30 What blood markers rule of thumb would you look for in an athlete to go back on cycle?
40:00 If you had to build your perfect stack of drug protocol for a new strongman?
41:00 in one of your videos you recommended using insulin during contest prep for one of your athletes. Would it be possible to gain muscle mass during a contest prep via insulin in a calorie deficit?
42:14 Does having a higher myonuclear domain & mitochondrial density make a muscle look fuller and denser than otherwise?
42:56 Since you advocate Metformin, what’s your opinion on its negative effects on IGF1 vs. its positives?
44:53 I heard you mention certain anabolics tend to work for people from the middle east.
46:02 How good are current watch glucometers?
46:12 Would DHT derivatives make better at chess and poker?
46:46 How can you fake low test to get a prescription?
47:19 What kind of training do you recommend for someone who wants to increase their vertical jump for basketball?
49:21 What are the risks of plasmapheresis?
49:57 You mentioned that you plan an AAS course for 20 weeks. If blood test are OK, would 20 weeks on 10 weeks off be smart?
50:35 Also could Clenbuterol help build  muscle while you’re of AAS?
50:52 Since there’s not a lot of data on DHB what is your opinion on it as far as muscle building capacity, side effects, impact on cholesterol say in comparison to standard anabolics?
52:32 Could you jump on a prohormone to lower your test enough that a test injection could be needed?
52:49 I know you hate the question, but does the use of HCG make your lipid panel better?
53:02 Opinion on beta blockers to combat Clenbuterol side effects?
54:32 Since statins cause muscle breakdown, especially during contest prep, do you recommend them to control lipids?
54:47 Can you speak specifically about which work particularly well for or bad for different races?
56:00 How long does it take to get the muscle building effects of Clenbuterol?
56:57 Since you don’t recommend drugs to combat drugs, how about Ace inhibitors, as they have a very low side effect profile, to control hypertension?
57:49 What would be your unacceptable HDL:LDL ratio?

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