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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-14-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

00:48 For a male bodybuilder or powerlifter, why and when would you introduce Clenbuterol to a phase of body weight escalation, for its purposes of myostatin suppression, stimulation of mTOR etc, why would you choose this or supplement this with AAS? Is there a mechanism/pathway that Clenbuterol stimulates that a simple escalation in AAS dosage could not accomplish?
02:00 What are the accumulation and decay rates of estrogen? How do they compare to the rates of non esterified (natural or exogenous) testosterone?
02:59 If taking a short course of anti inflammatories like Dexamethasone are there any other health considerations to take while running 7 milligrams per kilogram of AAS apart from blood pressure and would strong anti-inflammatories like that negate some of the effects of growth hormone in a healing sense?
04:42 Have you worked with athletes interested in bodybuilding and endurance running? If so what are some general concepts and rules for training and drug organization you have found helpful? This is assuming distances of no more than say up to a marathon.
05:21 Between Anastrazole and Aromasin for estrogen control, which is your preferred to use and why, assuming there is a “need” for them?
06:27 Is there legitimacy in using DNP to increase insulin sensitivity? If so, how would one structure their use to get maximum efficiency of one from the other, and synergistically?
07:10 Is the muscle sparing effect of DNP observable in real life? Or is it mainly just theory?
07:46 Do I really need to wait 30 minutes after taking my thyroid medication to drink coffee?
09:20 In the AAS first aid kit you recommend using Anastrozole at .25-1 mg daily and Tamoxifen at 10-20 mg daily for the treatment of AAS induced gynecomastia. What would be an appropriate duration for this course and would there be any specific protocol?
10:25 What’s the lowest you would recommend going with dietary fats deep into a fat loss phase with AAS fairly high in a 110kg athlete?
11:45 Why do so many people report a better sense of well-being and overall cognition when adding a weekly HCG protocol to their TRT regimen? I would imagine it’s either due to higher estrogen from increased aromatase activity, or due to increased pregnenolone/DHEA production in the testis. Besides fertility, why do many endocrinologists prescribe either HCG or oral pregnenolone + DHEA on top of TRT?
12:43 What is the insulin feedback loop or trigger? Do you get suppression taking exogenous insulin? Is it a simple as blood glucose high insulin release?
14:00 Are there major risks associated with a low dose DNP protocol for an extended period of time as opposed to a larger dose for a shorter period of time? Are there major risks associated with a low dose DNP protocol for an extended period of time as opposed to a larger dose for a shorter period of time?
16:00 Someone asked about the main side effects of DHB a couple months back, to which you responded that it makes you very motivated by stimulating your reward system, which in terms makes you more prone to acute injuries. Are there any other notable physical or mental side effects from DHB if our hypothetical baseline for comparison is Boldenone? Also, how does it affect blood work (again compared to Boldenone as a point of reference)? You mentioned that DHB does not raise hematocrit/RBC like Boldenone does which I can confirm anecdotally.
17:17 Do injectable AAS still get fully absorbed if not injected deep intramuscularly? I found that post-injection pain with DHB is very manageable if using 0.5″ backloaded insulin syringes and injecting small volumes daily. Unfortunately, my pins seem to only penetrate my ventrogluteal shallowly with noticeable subcutaneous leaks at ~12% bodyfat. I’d assume the pharmacokinetics would simply be delayed just like subcutaneous TRT injections? On the same topic, does bioavailability and onset of effect of injectable AAS vary significantly between different injection sites/muscle groups?
18:35 Since TB500 is so cheap in comparison to Growth Hormone, would adding it to a course be a good way to increase the cost efficiency of your GH for hypertrophy? Assuming that you can only afford 4 IU a day and insulin binding proteins are also plentiful.
19:18 Roughly how potent is Methyl-1-Testosterone in comparison to something like Anadrol or Dianabol?
20:05 Are all AAS full agonists of the androgen receptor (AR)? I’m still learning about the basics of AAS pharmacology so feel free to correct me on the following: I’ve read that the two most important receptors that AAS interact with are AR (agonism) and GR (glucocorticoid receptor inhibition). AR activation is responsible for myogenesis (satellite cell creation, increased AR density, enhanced proliferation of myocytes/myoblasts), while blocking GR facilitates the growth of existing and newly formed cells (which is why it creates “faster gains” as most orals seem to be strong GRi’s on paper). Going by that logic, would it not be optimal to alternate between AR and GRi heavy compounds respectively? I have no idea if any of this is factually correct or has any logic to it, it seems to simplistic and reductive. I’m also not sure how the estrogen, mineralocorticoid, and progesterone receptors come into play within this context.
22:52 Besides your classic DHT derivatives, which AAS in particular help the most with the skill acquisition aspect of lifting one rep max repetitions for powerlifting? From your recent “Strength Vector 01” document on the membership website, you seem to like DHB and oral Turinabol for this purpose.
23:55 In your “Top 5 OTC Training Aids” talk with Andrew Triana, he stresses the importance of a nootropic like Noopept paired with a cholinergic like Alpha-GPC to maximize skill acquisition and motor pattern consolidation, but I’m wondering if there are AAS that are more suited for that purpose than others. I have yet to watch the entire video and I’ve only read the document so I apologize if it’s been answered thoroughly.
25:20 Are there any compounds you would prioritize earlier in an athlete’s career for reasons other than safety? (For example do certain compounds drive satellite cell proliferation more than others?)
26:32 Any comments on the recent documentary “the lord of the lifters”?
28:37 What would be the best way to go about switching esters during a TRT protocol? Say someone has been using 70mg Testosterone enanthate and wants to switch to the propionate ester, would you allow a period of 2-4 weeks for the enanthate ester to clear?
29:27 What is your opinion on taking Anavar for longer than your past recommended maximum length of time for orals (i.e. number of days per kg body weight). As in the practical application suppression video you also suggested 5 weeks of Anavar and then adding testosterone for another 11 weeks with the Anavar as a course of PEDs which minimizes suppression.
30:15 Are there any deleterious effects on hypertrophic adaptations from using an anti-inflammatory peptide such as GHK-Cu or actoprotectors such as bromantane? They are both potent anti-inflammatories that let you train feeling fresh every day, though the effect seems to be acute upon administration so I don’t believe it actually helps recovery like growth hormone/secretagogues would. They help tremendously with quality strength training anecdotally but I’m concerned about possible interference with hypertrophy similar to NSAIDs.
32:20 I asked last Friday about what bodybuilders did during “cruises” since they can’t contest prep or build muscle. You mentioned that time could be spent on injury rehab, prehab, physiologically recovering, earning money, etc. I understand you can’t be on grams of gear all the time, but still. Essentially, my question is, assuming someone competes once a year, how would they both have a productive offseason, and a good contest prep, if they have to spend 6 months a year neither gaining muscle or losing fat, it seems like they would be at a massive disadvantage to someone that only competes every 2 years, since while that individual has to diet, they can reduce the amount of time spent getting extremely lean for contests.
34:45 I was also wondering if you could perhaps give an example of how a year would look like for someone that competes, (either a client, or just an “average” year for no particular person based on what’s normal).
35:47 Did you ever get a chance to look into Testosterone undecanoate dosage protocol?
36:25 Do you consider the balance of dietary potassium to sodium consumption to be an important variable with AAS use? If I’m not mistaken, AAS alter the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system causing changes in salt balance and increased water retention, which can subsequently lead to hypertension and impaired renal function. I’ve read that you should aim for a 4:1 KCl:NaCL ratio which would require potassium chloride supplementation for me.
37:43 In one of your HRT videos on the member site, you’ve said that oral Turinabol aromatizes at a rate of 40-60% compared to testosterone on a mg per mg basis and can act as sports HRT on its own. I cannot seem to find any literature or anecdotal evidence supporting this, people usually describe it as an Anavar alternative. Do you have specific literature or is this based from your vast experience with clients? Furthermore, can Anadrol temporarily act as HRT since it agonizes estrogen-alpha/beta receptors despite not aromatizing?
39:50 How would you recommend handling an elevated prolactin level? Mine tripled to twice the top of normal range after starting a 250 mg/week “sports TRT”. My libido started sky high but is now low, I assume this is why. Is Cabergoline an acceptable temporary solution to bring it down, and would lowering the dose typically prevent it from creeping up again?
41:50 Can you please elucidate on how you would transition a physique athlete from a mass phase to a contest prep phase as far as AAS are concerned?
44:05 For a 500 mg/week total dosage cycle of Testosterone enanthate and Masteron enanthate, would you prefer to see an even split of the compounds or something more like Test 300, Mast 200?
45:18 I am in the UK and I don’t have access to Benadryl (Diphenhydramine).
Would you recommend any of these as sleep aid?
*Acrivastine * Cetirizine * Chlorphenamine * Loratadine
45:40 Would you recommend controlling estrogen not through aromatization, but adding E2 (birth control pill / homebrew injectable E2) to the cycle?
47:03 Would you recommend 500 mg of Meldonium for a Bodybuilder during contest prep ? If so just on training/cardio days or even on rest days?
48:19 If the goal is TRT and solely glass ampoules of 250 mg Testesterone enanthate are available, what are the (sports performance) downsides of taking 250 mg every other week?
49:50 Do you have any experience coaching athletes on drug use that smoke cigarettes? If so, are there any extra blood markers or other special considerations that you take (or keep a close eye on) apart from hematocrit?

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