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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-7-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:42 In the context of recreational/amateur bodybuilding, could you recommend a rough, basic guideline of time on sports TRT to equal time taking higher doses of AAS cycles, depending on healthy blood work being achieved and depending on programming timelines? I understand that this is dependent on goals and personal accepted risk levels. If you can recommend a time “on” = time “off” approach, how would you allocate the time period at the end of an injectable cycle where blood levels are still elevated? Would you suggest counting this towards time “on”? I plan to focus on achieving “healthy” blood work, but I would appreciate any advice on the subject very much.
03:20 I have heard Deca is good for hair growth, and a lot of people take it because it’s good for joint health, I was wondering if you could explain why it helps hair growth (if it does), and what it does that helps protect your joints?
05:40 For the purpose of body mass escalation I am choosing to again adopt Author L Reas’ concept of a max androgen phase followed by an absolute anabolic phase, in which the max androgen phase consists of 4 weeks of high intensity high total tonnage training, with very high calorie intake and the majority of AAS usage administered within the first 14 days.
The first time I did this it was a huge success so I am looking to replicate and improve upon it now.
I am considering utilizing Trenbolone acetate in this 14 day period at a dosage example of 200 mg/day. Yes I know, stupidly high! But before you have an aneurysm, I would like your serious thoughts on what sort of health repercussions I can expect from this vs. the more common approach of running Trenbolone at a lower dosage for a longer period of time. I understand your thoughts are usually longer lower slower, however I am suspicious that this extremely short Trenbolone usage, although very highly dosed, will yield less long term health detriments and of course a much shorter period of time where I am potentially an assaholic, not that I really get that effect too badly.
09:02 When I increase my testosterone dosage I feel a tightness in my chest and my eyelids twitch. Not always but if I increase the dose too fast I feel like I hold water quickly. At 300mgs a week injected 75mgs every other day it seems to reduce the speed in which this happens but inevitably I feel not necessarily bloated per say but almost like holding water in my lungs or something. I inject 40 mg cypionate every other day per my TRT protocol. I have low SHBG, my doc says every other day minimizes side effects. Not sure if my electrolytes are all in sync. I salt a few meals a day and take 200 mg magnesium at night, maybe it’s not enough magnesium? It’s not blood pressure as I check it daily and I’m on Bystolic 20 mg a day. I can run 200 testosterone, 200 Deca, and 50 mg Anavar without any issues, also wondering if excess estrogen can cause the tightness in the chest from water retention.
11:27 I’m a big fan of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, with that said, if someone has used an exercise (let’s say leg press) for 4+ months, do you think they should switch it out for something new, even if they are still increasing weight weekly and getting good pumps from it (with the logic that it will get stale soon/not be as hypertrophic, so it would be better to switch exercises before that happens).
14:00 I’d like to start a new cycle taking Boldenone as the “testosterone” base as my hemoglobin was at low level in my last cycle when I was taking testosterone 250 mg, Primobolam 450 mg (hemoglobin 15,5 g/dl after 2 months of the cycle). How much Boldenone should I start taking and how I escalate until I reach a good level of hemoglobin? I’m planning to start the next cycle with 300 mg of Boldenone + a DHT derivative ( probably Primobolam). Also I’d like to have a good amount of estrogen.
15:37 From your experience, would you say that AAS in general more so increase the amount of repetitions you can do at a given weight versus actually increase your 1RM?
17:45 Are there side effects unique to Primobolan that DHB does not have? You’ve described DHB as being “super” Primo so I would imagine side effects would just be amplified in comparison, but is Primobolan not a DHT derivative whilst DHB is not since it is already 5-alpha reduced?
19:50 Completed my first cycle 6 months ago using 300 mg a week of Test enanthate 3 weeks into it I had the flu, I’ve read about test flu however I had it recurring every 7/10 days throughout the 12 weeks, I had the fever and aches and couldn’t do much other than stay in bed. Have you got an explanation for this? my testosterone levels before the cycle natural were 10.03 nmol/l at 38yo if that makes a difference, bloods are all OK nothing unexpected during cycle and everything in the normal ranges now although 3 weeks after the cycle I did have a UTI….any advice on starting another cycle omitting the flu like symptoms? P.S. injection sites were perfect no redness or soreness at all.
22:10 Hey Broderick I worked up to 145 weekly sets on the mesocycle progression (you previously mentioned if I could handle it go for it) I went for a blood test and my cortisol level was elevated and fasted glucose was higher than before even though I’ve incorporated Metformin. Is this from overreaching and the cortisol is increasing blood glucose levels? For more context I was dieting and it was the end of my planned mesocycle. Also dropped scale weight once I started the deload.
24:17 Can extended release Metformin taken during the evening with a large meal disrupt sleep quality? I’ve noticed diminished sleep quality recently by adding 250 mg Metformin XR with dinner, I’m wondering if that’s due to low liver glycogen during sleep?
25:58 What’s your favorite type of white rice? and are there any meaningful sports performance reasons to care about such things as the glycemic Index when selecting a rice?
27:28 On the topic of neurosteroids; the literature seems to suggest that exogenous use of AAS (even just clinical TRT doses) significantly decreases circulating neurosteroid levels, specifically pregnenolone and its various downstream metabolites such as DHEA, progesterone, and allopregnanolone. If I’m not mistaken, this is the direct result of reduced luteinizing hormone (LH) since pregnenolone is produced in the testis (but also produced in the adrenal glands and by mitochondria). Here’s my question: from your experience and knowledge, do you believe HCG to be of any value for diminished neurosteroid production from AAS use or do the adrenals produce a sufficient amount irrespective of the testis? This is purely from a mental health/well-being standpoint, as neurosteroids are thought to be extremely important for cognition and mood.
29:57 You’ve said that you’re not a big fan of Finasteride, partly because you don’t give a fuck about your athlete’s hair, partly because they lose some “sports performance”. I was wondering if you could define the loss of performance, is it straight up just less anabolism, or what is it?
31:35 In your opinion, do physique athletes benefit from a isocaloric/TRT/low training volume phase between hyper- and hypocaloric phases?
32:12 What are your general thoughts on Stenbolone Acetate/Methylstenbolone and does it provide any value over other more easily acquirable compounds? Its chemical structure kind of looks like Masteron on a DHB frame (as opposed to DHT) but I might be wrong.
34:05 Do you alter your 80-120 sets hypertrophy programming during hypocaloric phases? Wouldn’t one risk losing muscle mass, when sets are only added to prioritized muscle groups and non-prioritized muscle groups stay at low volumes for ~20 weeks?
34:32 How would you go about preserving fertility for an athlete who plans on using AAS for many years to come? Would you plan periods where the athlete stops drug use completely (that fits the yearly plan) or would you periodically introduce HCG?
36:25 You’ve mentioned that Nandrolone undergoes aromatization into estradiol at about 20% of Testosterone but that this form of estradiol is about 4-5 times more potent than the estradiol that we get from Testosterone. If we account for change in binding affinity and binding constant wouldn’t the estradiol we get from Nandrolone have a much lower total estrogenic burden than what we get from Testosterone? How would the total estrogenic burden of Nandrolone compare to Testosterone mg for mg?
38:44 I know you touched on this here and there, but could you talk through the implications of sports TRT on fertility? Obviously in theory fertility is in big danger, but tons of pro bodybuilders have kids…so what’s the responsible way of thinking about sports TRT for someone who plans on having kids in the upcoming years?
41:20 Do you have any experience or knowledge about YK-11 as a myostatin inhibitor? Anecdotally, a lot of people report great results from using YK-11, but there is very limited scientific research on the compound.
42:20 What affect does alcohol have on the body? Asking this question broadly in respect to short term impact (with hours and days) and then long term impacts on performance if alcohol is consumed say once a week consistently (average 5 standard drinks on a Saturday night to use an example)?
44:10 Do Stanazolol and Oxandrolone produce a different appearance in ones physique?
45:58 Do you have any general recommendations as to how much you should increase your dosage per cycle, you recommend 5-6 mg/kg for a beginner. But after that, what do you do for future cycles?
47:58 If you want to seem like you have low test, but don’t want to completely crash your test (due to not wanting the side effects that come with both low test and low estrogen), could it be a good idea to take something like 50 mg of test a week so you still tick the box of low test, but your estrogen is not zero (adding Primobolan to keep sports performance up).
49:29 I’ve run multiple cycles at 5 to 7 mg/kg (testosterone at 1 mg, the rest with nandrolone). And gained essentially no performance increase at all. I tested the compound and did blood work so it’s 100% real, my friend with similar stats took the same mg/kg and had a much better response. It seems I am just a poor responder. In my case would you recommend I just increase dosage until I get a good response or do you recommend I use something stronger, assuming my health markers look good. Or is it smarter to just accept that I’m not a good responder and stay natural?
52:30 I’ve just tried to get Diphenhydramine to help me out with sleeping, but I’ve just found it in a Diphenhydramine-Paracetamol mixture.
What do you think about replacing it with Chlorphenamine Maleate (Piriton) 4 mg?
Is that drug able to achieve similar effect profile?
What are the thresholds in mg I could explore and how many days in a row would I be able to use it without too much “detriment in health”?
53:54 Do you find Superdrol useful for your physique athletes when deep into a diet or do you feel that it’s just too toxic?
55:04 Do you train when you have a head cold?
55:45 To rework my question, if I want to seem like I have low test, for example to get prescribed TRT (to make it easier on myself legally, both in general and with travel, etc), I could inject 50 mg of test a week. This would fulfill their requirements for what low test is, but also would not completely crash my estrogen, so I should avoid the worst side effects. I would then add Primobolan to keep anabolism up. What do you think of this?

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