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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 1-10-20

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02:27 Benefits of Laxogenin?
02:45 The Freedom podcast have been great!
03:08 Coached by Steve Hall. I’m in prep at the moment on 2 IU of GH, Tren, Mast & Test P daily, cardio & 6 weight sessions, big calorie deficit, but weight hasn’t changed in 4 weeks. Could be the reason?
05:00 Laxogenin is a plant sterol.
05:10 Wanted to ask you about cycle length for females. I know you say 6-12 weeks tends to be right for males. Have you a target range for females?
07:40 A while ago while on the members Q&A, you mentioned where you get HGH. After the change in laws in China do you still trust these sellers?
09:04 Why is it commonly said that Primobolan & Anavar are less prone to cause hair loss if they are DHT derivatives?
11:03 I know Superdrol is used for powerlifting going into a meet. Would it be viable for the same reason in strongman?
12:07 Did an IGF test 5 months ago & got a reading of 147, been using 4 IU/week, 5 days/week & last results came in at 137… is the GH fake?
14:37 What would be safer in terms of blood value emphasis on heart health? Cycle 1: low to moderate Test, high Masteron used as an AI or 2 high Test & an actual AI?
17:25 Loving the Madsen Files with you & Randy. In the latest episode, Randy uploaded a spreadsheet of his mesocycle. I was surprised with the weights he uses.
19:02 I’m assuming he uses a lot of control with the weight. Would you prefer this over just grinding heavier weights without feeling the muscle contracting?
20:30 You’ve given examples before of females using injectable Winstrol every other day, is there a reason for that… less mg daily?
23:06 How long would it take for blood work to change when starting a cycle?
23:52 If someone cares about their hair, has a negative response to Primobolan & stops almost immediately, is there any chance that the hair that was lost will come back?
24:06 Do you think one’s thyroid can bounce back from 3 years of 75mcg of T3?
24:19 In order to offset appetite suppression from orals using a 5 on 2 off strategy be a good idea?
24:33 For building muscle on AAS, HGH & insulin, approximately how big should a calorie surplus be?
26:58 How anabolic is Nandrolone compared to Primobolan & Masteron?
29:35 With bloods question I was meaning Testosterone values.
30:50 Why do orals cause appetite suppression?
31:34 Is there any blood marker as to help distinguish between Primo & Winstrol vs. Anavar?
32:17 Do Boldenone & Nandrolone have a 2+2=5 interaction with hematocrit?
33:24 What is the mechanism called for insulin-independent free fatty acid transport into cells?
34:03 Does any South American country actually have strict out of competition testing on WADA sports?
35:37 You mentioned on your TRT video that Turinabol aromatizes. All other sources indicate that it cannot aromatize.
36:33 Do 5 alpha reductase inhibitors decrease the detection time of N&rolone?
37:10 Excluding the 19nor family, what are the best AAS or PEDs for elevating glycogen synthase & carb retention?
38:00 Do you think Ed Coan could have been a world-class shot-putter?
39:40 What do you think will happen with the current weightlifting IWF shit show?
41:40 If bodybuilders need high doses when dieting & moderate doses when in offseason to gain muscle, what can they do in a cruise between cycles? Gaining muscle & losing fat is kind of the only 2 things we can do.
42:52 Is plasmapheresis used in sports to beat drug tests?
43:24 For the purpose of gyno reduction, would the use of Nolvadex while using exogenous steroids be able to restore fertility?
44:13 Do you recommend for clients extending cycles beyond 20 weeks, if said person is still gaining a lot of muscle, to capitalize on the momentum?
45:18 Do you know why Ferrigno took so long to compete again after Arnold left?
47:13 What was Dr. Hatfield’s heaviest raw squat ever?
48:05 I’m currently following your first aid kit, 2.5mg of Arimidex, 20mg of Tamoxifen for acute gynecomastia that developed a week ago. Is there a timeline where you should see a reduction of the tissue?
50:53 Do you know any athletes undergoing performance enhancement surgeries, like tendon reattachments & other kinds?
51:08 What’s the longest you’d run a cycle?
52:30 What’s your go-to drug for liver health?
54:12 What injuries have you had in your career?

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